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I'd like to take a few moments of your time to talk about a gentleman I know by the name of Dave.
Now Dave would appear to most as just your average guy who enjoys audio and delves into units that make
it better from his perspective. He has made various products that have made my stereo a better sounding
system because of his (anal) expertise. I do enjoy his expertise and knowledge of this industry and find he is always excited to talk anything audio even when it doesn't concern something he is involved with. So, thank you Dave Elledge for being a genuine relick of a past that just enjoys good sounding stuff and is so darned good to speak with.
I am a better person because of you.


Nick B:
Yes, indeed  :thumb: Dave is one of two guys on this forum who has been instrumental in getting my system to sound itís best ever....and thatís after over 30 years of effort. Iíll likely make a post soon on how that all transpired 🎶🎉

As Yogi Bear always said to Ranger Smith, "You're one of the goods ones sir!"

Wow!  Iím almost (almost) speechless.  I canít think of anything to say except ďThank youĒ.

I love this place and you people  :thumb:

Iíd like to chime in on this one. My combination UBER/DigiBuss wrapped in veneer to match my speakers is one of my most prized Audio possessions. I have beta tested a couple of cables for Dave and although I have been a customer, over the years we have become friends and for that I am truly grateful. I recently received an HDMI cable from Dave and it is truly bringing out the best in my Jayís Audio CD Transport and DAC :thumb:

Don P


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