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Seeing as how I got my last post bass ackwards. Either ignore everything I said or substitute Joseph for Fritz everywhere Fritz appears and vice versa.
 And yes it seems like I may have been exposed to too much rhetoric
from politicians lately with obvious results.
Sorry about that.

James Edward:

--- Quote from: _Scotty_ on March 19, 2022, 07:22:31 PM ---In as much as they are two very different designs they may sound quite different from one another.
If you are acclimated to the Fritz loudspeakers the change in sound the Joseph brings may not be that welcome.
 I wouldn't sell the Fritz speakers to finance the Josephs without having a shoot out between the two of them in my own home.

--- End quote ---
I guess the crossovers are different, but I think the basic design is similar- two way in a vented box, and they both use a dome tweeter. The Fritz is ever so slightly larger by an inch in one dimension. The Fritz has the port in the back- will that affect your placement?
Again, Iíd do an in-home with the Fritzes, if at all possible.
Not that itís a critical point, but my lookup of the Joseph speakers place them at circa 2000- is that right?

Thank you. Yes, the RM7's are from around 2002. They have a 6.5" SEAS Prestige Aluminum mid-woofer and a "basic" SEAS soft dome tweeter. The Pulsar 2's have a SEAS 5.5" magnesium graphene treated cone mid-woofer and a high end SEAS tweeter - both have variations of Joseph's infinite slope crossover. I am sure the implementation of the drivers and crossovers is key. Fritz uses a 7 inch ScanSpeak Revelator paper cone cone mid bass driver and the tweeter is a 1" Transducer Labs beryllium dome tweeter and the crossover is a simple series crossover from  Acoustic Reality- both the pulsar and Carreras have a rear firing port. I do need to keep the speakers close to the front wall - no more than about a foot from the back of the cabinet to the wall and I don't know if rear firing ports make this undesirable altogether. Your comment: "there are grizzled veterans that will tell you that many an Ďupgradeí did not produce their imagined results. Iím pretty sure that with the speakers you mentioned, there would not be a night/day difference from what you have currently" is helpful and I suspect that sonic differences would be noted between the RM7's and the other speakers but probably not the dramatic jaw dropping night/day differences that I was wondering about.

James Edward:
Since this is a smaller forum, you wonít get 100 people recommending their ultimate fave gotta have speaker, and thatís a good thingÖ
If you have a foot to the front wall to work with, and want to try something with a night and day difference, order a pair of SVS Prime Pinnacle speakers. They are designed for close front wall placement, sound pretty great, and probably wouldnít take up any more floor space than a stand mounted speaker. I auditioned them last year, since my current speakers need a lot of breathing room behind them, and I was looking to reclaim some space. Best part- SVS pays shipping both ways, so no biggie if you donít like them- completely free audition. I use a 30wpc amp, and they were quite efficient and played very well with it.
In contrast, around the same time I tried the Wharfedale Lintons- rated the same efficiency, yet they were sending my amp meters further forward for a given SPL level. Props for Crutchfield, where I ordered them from- they charge a flat fee for a speaker return. If you see something you like from them, donít be afraid to audition.

Since distance from the rear wall is a concern for you a speaker you might want to take a look at is the Reynaud Bliss Jubilee which lists for only $2500.  It is a front slotted transmission line design so the distance from the rear wall is not as critical.  I have owned a pair for going on two years and love them.  It is also a good deal more efficient than your RM-7's.  I also own a pair of Fritz Carrera Be's and while they are a great speaker they do in fact need more space from the rear wall than you can give them.  Unless you are willing to put something like Herbie's studded gliders on your speaker stands so you can move them in and out from the wall when listening wouldn't be my recommendation.

You can also go to the Reynaud page of Amherst Audio, the US Distributor, and read the owner Bob Neill's assessment of the Bliss Jubilee's and the entire Reynaud line.  Bob was a reviewer for decades before becoming a dealer.


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