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December 31, 2021.

It is time for me to hang it up.

I will be 74 next February.  My arthritis has accelerated at what seems to be an exponential rate.  I find it very difficult to do what I do.

I'm tired.  I have been working, non-stop for 60+ years and I get up in the morning and I consider my day and recently have not been looking forward to another day in the shop or at the bench.

Gayle is as supportive as a wife could ever be.  We are growing old together and we recognize all of the things we could not do over the years due to me having a morbid case of the "gottas!"  I owe it to her understanding and her grace in dealing with the things that we eschewed due to me being driven.  The time is here for us - See our booking the JB Blues Cruise in August.  I pray that we are both here to get our Blues on,

I love and obviously, have loved what I do.  I would not know most of you without that spark of an idea I had back in January of 2019.  I appreciate, cherish and love every customer I have ever had.  The Lord has brought many Believers to me, but this is not about that or them.  I am just thankful beyond words for each and everyone of you here!  It doesn't get better than being me in this life, with my Faith, my Family and my Friends.
Thank you. ❤️

No, thank you Dave for your informative posts, advice, patience, and excellent products. Please continue to hang out here after your retirement.


Dave, while I'm certain the decision to retire was not one easily reached, it IS one you should absolutely feel good about and certainly one you deserve.  You have contributed greatly to this amazing passion we all share.  Your insights, advice, and of course, great products have had a huge impact.   I can only humbly say thank you.    Enjoy your retirement, and stay in touch when you can.


On the one hand, I'm sorry to learn of this. Your PI Audio Busses are kickass, and I still use all three of mine. I agree wholeheartedly with what rpf and mdconnelly have stated. You have contributed a great deal to not only this forum but to that 'other forum' as well. On the other hand, I understand your decision. There comes a time when other matters become more important - offspring; grandkids, simple pleasures of holding hands with Gayle as you walk in the park.

Enjoy yourself - you've earned it.

Are you contemplating moving to Oregon now to be closer to family?


Nick B:

There are seasons in life and you’re just moving into another…and better…one. Your products have added so much to the quality and realism my system is producing, and for that, I’m so very grateful 🎶

Hope you will enjoy this new and exciting time and may your and Gayle’s remaining years be very blessed 🙏



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