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opnly bafld:
The Tragically Hip
others too of course, but these guys don't get enough press IMO

Lin :D

I've had friends (mostly from Canada) that love them but I've never gotten into them...  I like some of the songs I've heard quite a bit, though.  What are considered their best albums/songs?

PS, sorry I moved this from the 'Rock' section and then deleted said 'Rock' section... I just thought it'd be too much to have a section per genre of music. ;)

I haven't heard much of their recent stuff (the new album is getting great press), but I quite like some of their early material (Day for night and Fully Completely).
Some of their stuff is hit-or miss for me, but I generally like'em.

I have their first three albums and enjoy all of them. You just don't hear of them around here and so I kind of forgot about them. I'm going to have to pursue some of their later albums and see how they hold up.

They are going to start a tour in the states next month. They will be at the Moore Theater in Seattle on 3/29. I may have to pick up tickets as I hear they are best live.

I got their first CD about 15 years ago as a prize from a radio station in Fargo ND. Didn't listen mutch till I met a girl from thunder bay a couple years later who didn't believe a guy from the states knew who they were.  It got here to talk to me so I faked like I listened to them all the time. Now I have several of their CD's and have seen them live a few times.  The best was at the Minnesota zoo amplitheater, great, small outdoor venue.
Those Canadians are crazy for the hip, Ryan


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