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Response Audio:
August 2020 News Update
Beginning of this year, Purity Audio Design has changed its business model. We are now an OEM/ODM company. Designing OEM products for various audio companies.
We will still maintain a few select products that will be designed, built and sold through Purity Audio Design. New web site design is under way. Till then, please visit

We will be producing the following products.
1) Harmonia v2.0 2A3 or 300B buffer/preamp

2) Harmonia v2.5 2A3 or 300B source buffer stage with 4 inputs. No volume. Can be run through a tape loop or as a DHT output stage for any source with up to 4 sources connected.

3) Master Reference 2A3/300B -6SN7 Linestage - Our best yet  :drool:

4) Master Reference 2A3/300B stereo tube amplifier (under development)

5) Reference 6SN7 balanced linestage - Our award winning linestage. While supplies last. Only 2 available. Will be discontinued.

Barry (NJ):
Congrats and good luck with the new direction!

Response Audio:
After much consideration, we. Do not want to let the Reference linestage to go away. It has always been a great seller for us. We have decided to continue with the Reference in a mk4 version.

Two new standard features to be found on the Reference and Master Reference linestages.
- Tape monitor loop. This will allow the use of an equalizer, reel-to-reel or our Purity Harmonia to be inserted into the circuit
- Bluetooth. Both preamplifiers will now be equipped with v5.0 Bluetooth.

  Certainly one of the best preamps on our planet. Period. Good Bill.


Awesome, Bill!  Good to see that that piece of gear will continue.  Your products always sound awesome!  :thumb:


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