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Danville Signal Processing dspNexus prototype in house for listening


The Danville Signal Processing dspNexus 2x8 prototype is here and making music. Unit has two new AKM AK4493EQ and two new AK4499 DAC boards installed. The ADC is the great sounding AK5397.

Starting with the new headphone amp capability using Windows 7 and Audio Weaver for first testing. Using my HiFiMan HE500 headphones and sounding very good and no problem with plenty of headphone drive.

A new HAL MS-5 Music Server running Windows 10 is built and getting loaded with software to run the dspNexus 2x8 for the testing with the Monoliths and Magnetar speakers.

This chassis is only for the prototype. Production units will have a new style of case similar to the one from the AXPONA2019 show.

Have the dspNexus 2x8 running with The Monolith planar speakers with the bottom 3x12 servo subs of the 6x12 stacks. 

This was using the AK4499 DAC's with the planar tweeter and midrange and the AK4493 DAC's with the servo subs. 

This sounds really good!  :thumb:

The production dspNexus 2x8 chassis front panel is installed.

The dspMusik 2x8 and dspMusik 2x16 in comparison to the dspNexus 2x8 system.

The dspNexus is driving The Magnetar speakers with the Orchard Audio BOSC amps.   Will be switching to The Monoliths in the system soon.

The updated dspNexus 2x8 system is installed and beginning trials with the AGN Line Array speakers.

The software block diagram has been updated to use the new functions of the dspNexus.  This includes the internal RPi4 via I2S Bus directly to the DSP for music replay and measurements.

The RPi4 on this system has JRiver MC28 and REW 5.20 installed for use.


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