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Atmos planning question, 2 or 4?

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Nick B:

--- Quote from: Barry (NJ) on September 03, 2020, 12:20:37 PM ---I've been running a PJ for over 15 years now. I prefer the size advantages a PJ offers, and I think the image is great. I'm at about an 11' viewing distance, with a 110" diagonal (8' x 4.5') 16:9 screen. My screen is acoustically transparent, so the speakers can be behind it. I couldn't realistically fit a panel of this size in my room, and the other factor is cost. A $750 HD PJ, and $100 in materials for a DIY Screen, is only $850 for a wonderful 110" image.

2020-06-27_04-29-13 by Barry, on Flickr

--- End quote ---

Very nice, Barry. Great diy  :thumb:

Barry what receivers or pre amp are you considering using for your Atmos setup?  I am enjoying the Auro 3D upmixer for music. 

Barry (NJ):
I'm looking at Marantz receivers. They have pre-outs for all channels, and post 2017 models, allow for reassignment of the internal amplifiers. This will allow me to get 11 channels from their 9 channel receivers, keeping my front L&R still isolated from the HT as I do now...

Audio-System-Map-3 by Barry, on Flickr

Probably need to sell my current Emotiva UMC-200 Pre-Pro, and one of my Audio Alchemy OM150 amplifiers to help finance the receiver. But also looking forward to lessening the number of pieces needed to run the system, as I'll be swapping 4 pieces of equipment for 1.

Barry before you leap you may find some of these Marantz and Denon reviews helpful.

Barry (NJ):
Thanks Rick!


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