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Atmos planning question, 2 or 4?

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Barry (NJ):
I'm starting my quest for Atmos, and I suppose more is better, but wondering if I'll really get a lot more out of 4 in ceiling speakers than I would with just two(?)
There is really only one row of seating in My Media Room, though my kids will sometimes have a bunch of friends camped out on the floor for a movie.

Media_Room_201908 by Barry, on Flickr

Barry (NJ):
Well, I went with 4. Now I need to get an AV Receiver that supports 11 channels...

IMG_20200810_122754 by Barry, on Flickr

IMG_20200810_122547 by Barry, on Flickr

Nice, I see you went with projector and screen. I am thinking of a flat screen in my room. Are flat screens really a no-no? O have ideas on how to minimize any adverse acoustical effects. Also I think an equivalent 4k set up with a projector is more expensive.

Barry (NJ):
I've been running a PJ for over 15 years now. I prefer the size advantages a PJ offers, and I think the image is great. I'm at about an 11' viewing distance, with a 110" diagonal (8' x 4.5') 16:9 screen. My screen is acoustically transparent, so the speakers can be behind it. I couldn't realistically fit a panel of this size in my room, and the other factor is cost. A $750 HD PJ, and $100 in materials for a DIY Screen, is only $850 for a wonderful 110" image.

2020-06-27_04-29-13 by Barry, on Flickr

Barry (NJ):
Screen up...

IMG_20200810_122641 by Barry, on Flickr


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