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"Re-discovered" an old favorite


I recently picked up a cd for nostalga sake (been doing that off and on for a while, now :| ). I'm showing my age, here, 'cause I'm filling in my late '60's and early-to-mid '70's collection with stuff I always wanted and never owned in my active 'vinyl' days.

The album is Sea Level (Best Of). Hard to describe, but a mix of rock of the 'southern' persuasion; and some jazzy moments mixed in...sort of 'early' fusion. I remember hearing these guys way back when...

Anyway, for $10 at Amazon, it's highly recommended. Maybe use it to fill out an order so you can get free shipping? :)

Really though, there's not a dud on it. And considering when it was's better than many recordings of that era when the music was great but the recording quality left much to be desired. Ever heard a saxaphone sound like a kazoo?....then you know what I mean. This one's pretty good. Perhaps a bit soft; less dynamic; but very listenable.

It's worth it for the excellent piano work alone.


I've never even heard of them, but from the samples I listened to on Amazon, I like 'em!

Don...."Best of Sea Level" is a nice collection. I happened to pick it up at Amazon when they were running the 4 for 3 Sale awhile ago. That one and the "The Telluride Sessions" by Strength In Numbers.....both were good buys !! 8)


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