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Fed up with TWC - what to do, what to do...

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I guess I take it for granted. My town was the very first FIOS installation and I've been a subscriber ever since. Verizon does have issues with their billing group and getting through the myriad of customer service prompts to speak with a person knowledgeable about your subject of interest is a pain, but the tech is probably the best around right now.

Good luck with your search,

If RR is really your best option (other than incompetance), the Turbo service may give you what you need.  Many times, the faster service primarily gives you 'priority' to bandwidth available in addition to higher speed ceilings.  


AT&T U-verse (fiber optic) is available in my area in Cary. Its easily the best option around here it seems. You could get one of those iSpot 4g boxes too if your in a good 4g range and hack it (EXTREMELY EASY!) for $100 and then $25 a month for home and portable internet. I quit roadrunner a long time ago, my 384kbps upload speed was only 30kbps in reality, which is too pathetic to pay $25 a month for, let alone the $60 they wanted after 12 months.

Cool stuff Scott!  I agree that wireless will take over in the next couple years.

iSpot   no coverage at my house yet
Uverse   no service at my house yet

Well, it seems there are no plans for Fios in Durham, but Frontier (my current phone service) has an nice offer to add high-speed internet (7.1mb download) at a very attractive price with a 12 month contract.   Given a free 30 day period to try it, I figure it's a no-brainer.  After doing some more digging, a potential advantage is that their service (essentially DSL) is claimed to continuously provide the highest speeds and is not affected by neighbors, etc... as is Roadrunner.  We'll see.

Hey, I doubt it can be worse than what I've been getting with Roadrunner and it's cheaper.   But if it doesn't pan out, I can always try to negotiate with TWC for a better package before I cancel my service (that is, if they allow their India help desk to do that ;-)



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