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High End Home Theater on a budget


Not cheap, but modest by Robert Harley's standards. Some nice gear, even stuff we mortals might consider buying. An interesting article, well written as always. Covers a lot of ground.

We have some great HT professional consultants here on AN. bpape, hometheaterdoc, Black Sand Cable. Who else is into HT? I think that will be my audio project for 2011, upgrading the TV area to a decent theater in a dedicated room.

Black Sand Cable:
That is anything but a budget system!

Not a system I would personally put together but a nice high end system none the less.

Barry (NJ):
I wish I had a 'Budget' like that...

Budget meaning compared to his previous HT, or his dedicated audio system. I bet his wife said, "ever since you got those Pass amps you are hogging the HT all the time. I don't want to listen to Mozart trios all night, build me a cheap little system so I can watch Hallmark channel in peace. "  wdyt?

She is a cool lady, Mrs. Harley.

A 'budget' system using a monster cable for HDMI makes me laugh a little. Thats probably the cheapest thing there though.  :rofl:


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