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My wife won a PS3 at her company holiday party prize raffle last night. My kids are video game nuts. We already have Wii, Xbox, and Nintendo DSi, and 2 PCs stuck in constant VR games.  So we set up the PS internet accounts tonight, it took an hour to get through setting up my Master Account and one sub-account for one kid. I'll have another hour tomorrow to add two more. They have a nice system of verification by email to the parent's account so kids can't pull any funny biz. Thank God my 11yo typed in all the forms except for my password. After 10 minutes he could type on virtual keyboard with PS3 wireless remote faster than I can type on a real keyboard.  We went out and bought a kids rated E game today at Best Boof.  The 20 something guy recommended the game, he said it is wicked fun, he plays it himself. But it was $60! WTF? I thought Wii games were expensive. Welcome to BluRay world.

We're looking forward to connecting the hidef video to my TV, I hope I can make a DVI connection, might need a HDMI/DVI adapter... It will be fun to order some movies from Netflix.

Anybody else on PS3?

PS3 is a neat machine, I have one.  I use it mainly for movies... I have Netflix's disk for downloading movies instantly.. very cool.  I also play 1 game, Tekken. (you can download Tekken 5 for $30 through the PS3) It's like speed chess if you know what you're doing.

Wish I'd known you'd gotten one, I'd have let you borrow my full size PS3 keyboard to get it setup.  If anyone local wants to borrow it, just let me know.  Definitely makes setup a lot easier.

Have fun and enjoy the good quality!


Bob in St. Louis:
Hey Rich,
My 11 year son and I are both on PSN. The little bugger stole my ID, so he goes by "Bobinstlouis". He plays LBP and has quite a "crew" in his friends list.

Both of us are also on COD4 MW and COD4 MW2.

My PSNID is "KryptosPhantom".

Add us up for a good time.  8)

But yea, it's a great machine for all around DVD, DVD-A, BlueRay, gaming, etc..etc.....
Although I would recommend the remote for DVD use as opposed to the gaming controller.

I'll trade you that RAM of yours for my HDMI to DVI adapter.  :thumb:

We've also got Netflix, but have never tried it through the PS3.


Awesome!! I haven't even tried to use it yet myself, nor would I have had the opportunity if I wanted to... But eventually I will get on there.   My id is, what else.... richidoo

PM your addy and I will send the memory. Thanks Bob!! 720p here I come... The kids plugged in the PS3 composite video and stereo sound to the front panel of the Rx. It works but looks a little blurred. Digital video and surround sound will take it to the next step.

Bob in St. Louis:
PM sent Rich.

By the way, what games do you have, or plan to get?
"LBP" (Little Big Planet) is great for the kids. The level of imagination to (virtually) build little cities and then invite their friends over to "romp around" in them.



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