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Art Dudlleys CAF review
« on: November 09, 2017, 09:30:59 AM »

Ever since publishing the first US review of a Rethm loudspeaker—in 2000, in Listener Magazine—I've followed this company with interest, and I was very happy to see company founder Jacob George at CAF 2017, and to hear, in the room sponsored by Well Pleased AV, his new full-range Rethm Bhaava loudspeaker ($3750/pair). Driven by a Qualiton A50i integrated amplifier ($7500), with a digital front end comprising the LinnenberG Telemann DAC ($5400) and Innuos Zenith SE server ($7000), and with Anticables cables throughout the system, these entry-level Rethms were immediate, fast, and musically and sonically clear.

Listening to Traffic's "Freedom Rider," I was especially impressed by the system's really good drive. Jim Capaldi's drumming was appropriately forceful: his slightly haphazard sound—in some ways, he was like a British version of the Band's Richard Manuel, if perhaps just a bit less loose—came through loud and clear. And the recording of Sarasate's "Zigeunerweisen" by Edgar Meyer, Mike Marshall, and Bela Fleck sounded beautiful—very colorful and richly toned and textured. A really remarkable system, one that I wish I could have listened to much longer. (I made it to this room approximately 25 minutes before the show closed!)

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Re: Art Dudlleys CAF review
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