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New UcD modules coming
« on: March 20, 2007, 02:44:43 PM »
Below are some noteworthy comments for any fellow UcD "watchers in waiting" scooped from another forum. On paper UcD is very promising, and CIAudio has done a great job with theirs. But sound has not yet met up with the tremendous potential. Maybe this 4th gen will be a winner. LM4562 op-amp. They were also supposedly developing a switching power supply module about 6 months ago, but that never materialized. Maybe in conjunction with the new amps.

Q: "Any plan for Hypex to replace the AD version by a LM4562 version (UcD400LM)?"

A: "Perhaps......
We will soon present our new UcD180 & 400 HG....
Watch our website.....

and one more...

"Same size, same way of mounting and same type of connectors.
"A small list of changes;
- Audiophile version of the UcD Modulator (small PCB).
- Audiophile decoupling capacitor, 220uF/100V. (with own printing)
- PSRR improved of the local power supply regulator for buffer stage.
- Audiophile AC coupling capacitor in input stage.
- THD further reduced.
- improved temperature stability.
- optional a soon-to-be-released extra 12V full discrete regulater with extreem good specs.
- and we will use the LM4562...we love this op amp...  

"It will be our state of the art product....