Author Topic: Danville dspNexus 2xN DSP crossover, ADC and DAC system  (Read 915 times)

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Danville dspNexus 2xN DSP crossover, ADC and DAC system
« on: January 08, 2021, 10:25:36 AM »
Using the prototype dspNexus 2x8 system as a USB DAC with both AKM AK4493EQ and AK4499EQ DAC boards installed for listening tests.  The system allows the user to select DAC filters as preferred with linear phase and minimum phase styles with apodising filters.  Supplies of the ADC's and DAC's are already in house for builds.  The ADC's is the AKM AK5397 unit that I have used even for recording music with excellent results.   Other DAC boards will be available as they are changeable plug-in boards.

On the next software update will be enabling the RPi4 as both a Music Server and room measurement system.  The RPi4 is connected to the DSP via I2S Bus for high sound quality with low phase noise clocks from the DSP system. 

The system can be configured with 2, 4 or 8 output DAC channels so the user can customize it for their system.   The 2 channel version would be for room correction, the 4 channel system can be used for bass management and room correction and the 8 channel system for full DSP crossover, time delay and room correction.   All of these configurations with the RPi4 being a Music Server with USB3 and Ethernet for external storage.

The RPi4 is being tested with JRiver Media Center 27 and Room EQ Wizard once it is enabled.  The external testing RPi4 is working well with both programs for music replay and room measurements.

There is a measurement mic XLR input on the front panel with phantom power, as well as stereo ADC's balanced XLR inputs on the rear of the unit. 

If everything goes well, should be available by 2ndQ 2021.