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Re: Turntable mats and their difference
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the fairchild 411 is exceedingly rare, and very little info is available for it.  the later 412 is also very rare, but almost common in comparison.  both have idler wheels driven off the motor that then drive a belt from a pulley wheel atop the idler wheel shaft.  (i heartily recommend if anyone needs an idler wheel rebuilt.) as you can see in the pic, the 411 has 33/45/78 rpm's, depending on which idler/pulley you engage on the motor shaft.  it took me forever to get the 33.33 speed correct, with the idler wheel and various belts (thanks terry!); i am not even bothering w/the other two.  they may or may not be correct; i haven't even checked.

doug s.
So you're restoring a Fairchild. Those are cool old tables.   :thumb:  Sort of the Cadillac of broadcast tables.
I've got an old idler Collins that I rebuilt from a local radio station.  It was a fun project.