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No Interst in Contributing or Posting from Club Secretary or Members ????

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   Says it ALL. Why is this still here wasting space ?


Barry (NJ):
How do you guys communicate other than here?


I could delete it. But I'd think it would be great if members posted!


--- Quote from: tmazz on February 27, 2020, 05:11:54 PM ---Email

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   I guess it does not hurt to stay however zero club members use this wonderful and free Circle. I have tried numerous times at our meetings to get members posting. The results are no one posts but me. Some of our members post in AN which is great. Having an official Club thread is a perk and AN allowing us to do so is an honor. IMHO it is a shame that our approx 30 members are MIA here.

  As far as emails we are not allowed to use our club email list to communicate with each other as a group.



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