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Christmas Echos
« on: December 25, 2018, 05:11:51 PM »
My wife likes to have Christmas music playing in the house but when I played it on the main system at a volume that you could hear clearly in other parts of the house I got all kinds of grief because it was so loud when she walked through the living room. So this year I invested in a bunch of Amazon Echo devices. We already had one in the kitchen so I added Echo dots connected to the main system in the living room, the HT system in the family Room and hooked up to a pair of powered speakers in the Master Bedroom. The Echo software now allows you to set up groups that will play synced music among them. So I set up a single group and now when I say "Alexa, play Christmas music everywhere" it plays through the entire house and each room at a comfortable volume. No more loud audio hot spot.

Both my wife and my son comments about how they thought I was crazy setting up all those dots, btu now that they are running it is really nice to have music wherever you go in the house.

As for the SQ, I am very pleasant surprised at how good it sounds. it is all mp3 based  and while it certainly is not sweet spot serious listening SQ , it is way better than I expected it to be and more than good enough for casual background listening while doing things around the house.

Unfortunately, as far as I can there is no way to stream files from my library, but in addition to what I can stream from Amazon, the Echo can also connect to Tidal and Sirus/XM, so I will have no shortage of things I can stream to it. And I am hoping once the US launch is complete the Echo system will also be able to connect to my Qobuz account.

And best of all the Echo dots are only $30 each, so even if you need a bunch of them it is a very modest investment compared to other audio equipment.

A move that got nice music in the house, for a modest price and made my wife happy..... it doesn't get any better than that.   :thumb:
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Re: Christmas Echos
« Reply #1 on: December 25, 2018, 09:07:47 PM »
That is a very nice price on those and connectivity to XM and Tidal is great. Spousal happiness is always paramount 😄
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