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Ken Burns Jazz Documentary


S Clark:
I, I'm sure like many here, have already watched the Ken Burn's exhaustive documentary on jazz.  It's now available on Amazon Prime, and I've been watching it again.  This time around, I know my jazz in much greater depth, and I'm learning much that I missed the first time.  If you have seen it before, I recommend a second viewing.  If you have not seen it, get started.  Warning.  It's loooooong.  And some episodes are two hours in length.  But it's so well done, and the music, especially in context, it just fantastic.   :thumb:

Barry (NJ):
Thanks for the heads-up! I enjoy Ken's work; Baseball, The Nation Parks. I'll put this on my list ;)

Nick B:
Yes, Burns does excellent work. Another that comes to mind was on the Civil War.


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