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Recommend Some Jazz LP's


James Edward:
As you may know, I recently purchased another turntable. I hadn't caught the jazz bug until after I stopped buying records, therefore the cupboard is bare for this genre.
I have plenty on cd, so I can tell you what I like- most jazz from the fifties and sixties. Just not bebop...
Dave Brubeck, Stan Getz, Ben Webster, Ella, Louis, Oscar Peterson, Kenny Burrell, etc., etc. All the usual suspects.
What I'd like are some LP recommendations that combine that era with great sound.

S Clark:
Let's start with who you like.  You mention Brubeck, Getz, etc.  What albums do you like best?

Also, it's going to be a challenge buying jazz vinyl.  Depending on budget, they can be kinda pricey.  Original pressings of classics are often $100-$1000.  Later pressing can be as little as $10-20.  New copies are usually available around $20.  Take a look at the many "Top 100" list.  Some are nutty, but taken as a group they are meaningful.  Everyone has their take... I'd never put Ornette Coleman on my list, but he's loved by the jazz aficionados.  Instead, Dexter Gordon, Horace Silver, Ahmad Jamal make my list.
Edit:  You can't leave Bill Evans off any list of top 10

James Edward:
Firstly Mr Clark, I've been reading or re-reading all the books I should have read a long time ago. I'm 60, so do the math... It's a long roster. 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' was on the list, so your signature certainly is timely. And madness probably defines those of us in the grip of this hobby.
I am not a collector, so original copies are not necessary- the re-issues are fine with me if they sound great.
Anyway, some faves:
Dave Brubeck Quartet- Live/Carnegie Hall
Getz/Gilberto- Girl from Ipanema
Ben Webster- Soulville
Kenny Burrell- Midnight Blue

As you can see, I'm not breaking new ground or looking for the more obscure stuff. Just looking to start somewhere, and my jazz tastes are pretty mainstream. I'd add Chet Baker, Sonny Rollins, Charles Mingus to my original list. The two jazz sub-genres that I don't care for are bebop and 'smooth jazz'. Other than those I'm open to suggestion.

S Clark:
I occurred to me that I had started a thread a couple of weeks ago that will eventually be the answer you are looking for. It's a long way from complete, but take a look at

And there is little reason when you are starting to look at obscure stuff... there's so much great jazz you might never leave the mainstream and still not run out of music. 

Ray Brown, Soular energy -- top notch


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