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S Clark:
Miles.  Is it Kind of Blue? biggest seller, but is it his best work?
Brubeck.   Time Out? 
Horace Silver.   Song for my Father?
Bill Evans.   Waltz for Debbie
Ella Fitzgerald.   Clap Hands Here Comes Charlie
Coltrane...Blue Train, Giant Steps
Rollins...Saxaphone Colossus
Blakey... Moanin'
Getz, , Ellington
What about Dexter Gordon? I like "One Flight Up"
Art Pepper-  Meets the Rhythm Section
Chet Baker.  Live in Tokyo
Charles Mingus-  Ah Uhm
Herbie Hancock-  Maiden Voyage
Eric Dolphy-  Out to Lunch
Ben Webster- Soulville

Not the biggest Miles fan, but maybe Sketches of Spain can also be considered one of his best?

For Bill Evans (assuming you meant Bill and not Gil :)), maybe Waltz for Debby or Alone or even Conversations with Myself?

For Ella, maybe the Cole Porter Songbook? Though I really enjoy Clap Hands Here Comes Charlie and Fitzgerald and Pass. Hard to choose.


S Clark:
It is hard, but I thought it would be valuable to pursue this and create a guide for jazz newbies. 
Yeah, I personally listen to Sketches over Kind of Blue 5 to 1, but KOB is widely considered Mile's best.  For Ella, I'd pick "Clap Hands", for Bill Evans (although Gil has his spot among the greats) it'd be "Debby"- although Conversations w/ Myself might be my personal favorite-hard to pick.
So, if you had to choose one, and only one. which would it be?
If we get enough response, I'll compile the results. 

S Clark:
What's the best Coltrane lp?  Blue Train, Giant Steps, or something else?

Triode Pete:
Donít forget about Art Pepper... so smooth...

Chet Baker too, his trumpet melts when he plays...


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