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S Clark:
It seems I've been getting burned by inaccurate/dishonest grading in many of my recent online record purchases.  I just got a jazz lp that was described as VG+++. To me that's an lp that is just off from NM, meaning that it has only the slightest flaws that are just visible and have no impact on playback, and not a half inch scratch that you can break a fingernail on.   :duh
It's getting to the point I'm asking before hand to confirm the condition with a more complete description.  This sure seems to be getting worse at Discogs and Ebay.  Do any record buyers around here find the same thing?

#metoo lol! I just got a Ricki Lee Jones and it sounds horrible

If it's expensive try to buy on eBay because they'll give the seller the shaft if it's not right.

I've had one discogs who sold two garbage "NM" classical LP's... Don't forget to give them horrible rating. That same guy's rating has been tanking. I avoid people with bad ratings but the big issue is you have to fight with paypal to take money back on discogs. That's why unless they're very reputable I won't spend very much money on Discogs typically.

There's a local guy who had a record shop and graded G as VG or maybe VG+ in pricing... and up charged for imports (because he didn't pay shipping? wtf). He did poorly.

  Certainly a crap shoot out there. We are lucky to have several used LP shops to go to and SEE and demo LPs. Expensive re-issues from Acoustic Sounds and less expensive Speaker Corners works better for me.
  As for new vinyl is not most now recorded in digital than analog ? Jim the Ricki Lee Jones re-issue is worth every nickel spent. I have a used original in G shape and no match for re-issue.


S Clark:
I've got a couple of NM- copies I never listen to.  $5+  Any takers?


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