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FWIW, really like my Ortofon Quintet Bronze MC.


--- Quote from: rollo on January 10, 2020, 07:38:00 AM ---  I have and still own a Linn Arkiv and Micro Benz so I know what MC can offer. Using a Gold Note Boboli a HO MC as we speak. The Linn is .15mv a tough load. The Benz needs re-tipping. Thought about re-tipping Benz however not sure if worth it.
  The Audio Hungary Qualiton phono has both MM [ 40db ] and MC [ 62 db ]. Do not want to use a step up transformer.  I was always curious as to why Grado who has patent on MC only makes MM.
   MM has a midrange and bass advantage over MC IMHO. Where MC has a more 3D stage and a better and more open top end in my experience.
    Yesterday a good friend who is a carridget freak recommended Miyajima over the ones I mentioned. His ref was Koetsu for many many years now Miyajima. What to do.
     S. Clark talk away here no problem about any cart.


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Charles, I would retip the Benz. Their carts are great. Even the cheap Benz is over $1000. Very Musical cart


--- Quote from: BobM on January 09, 2020, 02:45:21 PM ---I have the Kleos and would never go back to MM again.

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  Well then I must get the Kleos. I missed my opportunity on the Atlas for 4K used for 100 hours. :drool: Dam. :duh :duh :duh :duh




--- Quote from: S Clark on January 09, 2020, 03:34:43 PM ---So is it universal that none of us wants a MM on our tonearms? 
My Dyna 20x2L and my Blackbird are not on the high end of MC, but they slaughter any MM that I've heard. 
ARE there any MM that compete in the $1K and up range?
Sorry to take your thread a bit astray, Charles.

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I have owned the Monster Alfa 1 and 2. I preferred the 1 due to No high frequency zing.

Right now, I am using the Accutex 320 lll STR (brick type) and have no desire to change it. Extremely open, dynamic, flat response to theoretical 45khz, although cable and other capacitances limit to ~35khz right now. Problems are both the cartridge and needle are not manufactured, so used sparingly.

Near bottom of page below is description of the "perfect" STR needle.


   Cool Steve. BUMMER. It appears that both the Delos and Kleos are out of stock at the US distributor. Waiting sucks.



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