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 Ah is it nobler to choose MM or MC. The hunt is on. Looking at Grado Statement2 or Koetsu Urishi, Lyra Kleos or Kiseiki. Using an Audio Hungary tubed phono with both MM and MC cards. Arm is Kuzma 12" VTA adj. Any input ???


S Clark:
 :shock:  I'll be interested in the responses... but way above my paygrade. 

I have the Kleos and would never go back to MM again.

Agree, MC is a better choice

S Clark:
So is it universal that none of us wants a MM on our tonearms? 
My Dyna 20x2L and my Blackbird are not on the high end of MC, but they slaughter any MM that I've heard. 
ARE there any MM that compete in the $1K and up range?
Sorry to take your thread a bit astray, Charles. 


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