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DirecTV Jazz station
« on: March 30, 2014, 05:45:03 PM »
Channel SONIC 852 plays straight ahead jazz, not wimpy crap like Pandora, but very nice hard core post bop treats.

last few tracks:
Sonny Clark
Andrew Hill
Stan Getz / Oscar Peterson
Coleman Hawkins
Elmo Hope!
Red Garland trio

The sound quality is poor by our standards, worse than Pandora free stream. It is a satellite stream, using whatever compression technique the DirecTV signal has. Horns are the hardest hit, but pianos and drums sound OK.  Midrange tones sound kinda "horny" hollow, twisted, etc. Nothing I can't ignore while listening to excellent music and solos. Whoever is programming this station knows their shit, at least for tonight...

Lots of other stations too from Disco to Salsa.

I found it a little enraging that the Piano music station, positioned in the midst of all these free channels requires an additional subscription to activate. That must be what everyone wants to listen to for their soft background music, CHARGE 'EM!

Anyway, check it out if you have DirecTV.