Author Topic: An upside to Hurricane Irene  (Read 2300 times)

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An upside to Hurricane Irene
« on: September 03, 2011, 06:14:34 PM »
I was talking with Joe from Infinity Records (one of LI's better used record shops) yesterday and he was teling me that his phone has been rining off the hook with people wanting to bring him entire collections, to the point where he is turning people away or asking them not to bring them in for a while.  It seems that a lot of people are panicing in the aftermath of Irene and thinking that they had better sell of all of the records they have stored away before soething like another hurricane comes through and destroys them. This could be a good thing for us in the hobby (at least in the near term) in that panic selling leads to oversupply which in turn puts downward pressure on prices.  :D

So keep in touch with your used record shop of choice over the coming weeks. There just may be bargins to be had.  :thumb:
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