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Universal Player laser problem
« on: January 25, 2013, 04:12:44 PM »
I have a Samsung DVDHD841. I use it for CD transport in my music system. Recently the laser started making chirping noise and not able to find the groove on some tracks. It will play the whole CD from the start, but changing tracks usually has a problem. 
I cleaned the lens and made sure the laser position mechanism moves freely and is clean - I hoped but I got no change.  :(

What seems to help is screwing around with the rotating CD, either slowing it down to cause data flow problem, or deflecting disc into or away from the laser to mess up the laser focus, which causes the laser suspension to drop away and then rise back up. After I did that the first time, it worked correctly, no noise, no seeking delay with track changes. But after 15 seconds, maybe changing the angle of the player it went back to the broken condition. It seems like the laser position on the disc is in the wrong place when it can't find the track, since when it finally locks in is immediately after the position moves a little then it starts tracking.

I can't find a replacement laser for this player.  Does it sound like bad laser symptoms?
Thanks for any suggestions