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The AGN II speaker system build

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The AGN II line array speaker will be a 2-way with 6 Radian Audio LM10n planars covering the 200Hz to 20KHz range and 6x12 OB H-Frame servo subs covering 14Hz to 200Hz. 

The dspNexus 2x8 DSP system with AKM AK4499EX DAC's will be the DSP crossover and input selection use.

The two 6x12 modular OB H-Frame servo sub cabinets are assembled and ready for painting.  These are Jay's modular cabinet flat packs I assembled.  These have a top plate the same size as the sub module top.  He also makes tops with overhangs.

Drop them off next week for painting.  The last 6-12in servo subs arrive this week.

The 12 open baffle sub cabinets are being painted with an automotive 8 step finish.  Here are some pics of the modules and base:

Nick B:
Looking good, Rich! Nothing like having a professional paint job. My spray results are ok, but that's all...



They always do a great finish job for me. 


All the 12 sub modules are now painted and here.

A low gloss Hot Rod Black color.  They do a great job on finishing! 


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