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High Power Integrated With DAC/Streaming Capability ~ 2,000.00

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James Edward:
My friend that recently rebuilt his circa 1980 SEAS DD Towers (see my posts…) wants a new integrated amp to power them. Big room, likes it loud at times, and the speakers aren’t all that efficient- I’d say 85 db or so sensitivity.
My first choice is the NAD C399- 180 wpc, and NAD watts are usually conservative…
Other suggestions welcome- I guess wattage is the most important qualifier- he can always get a Bluesound node or something similar. Thanks.

Nick B:

The Willsenton R8 tube integrated is the first thing I thought of. I realize it is only 45 watts, but my AVA SET 120 could only do 60 watts  and that used to fill up my large room easily. All the reviews and videos I’ve come across have raved about it and especially for the price. It also has a remote. A Bluesound Node or an iFi Zen streamer (with an inexpensive linear power supply) would sound great.

Used Kinki Studio EX-M1

If you only want digital audio and streaming, you might consider something like the Orchard Audio Pecan Pi music streamer and music server with the Starkrimson  or Starkrimson Ultra Class D amps.  They are 150Wrms and 250Wrms versions and can be a stereo chassis.  The Pecan Pi has DAC analog output to feed it directly. It is a fully balanced system, so very low possibility of an y ground loops/hum problems.  The amps sound great to me with lots of clean sounding power available.

Good luck with your choice!


Didn't think there would be a market amongst audiophiles for integrated amps with built in dacs.
If the dac is upgradeable then maybe.

Anyways, the NAD has the Bluesound OS built in. One of the easiest and best laid out operating systems I hear.
Better than my Lumin OS.

Since he is considering the NAD C399, I assume his budget is around 2.5k?

The Orchard that HAL mentioned STARTS at $3.5K


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