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need USB mic and Mac OS room correction software


Nick B:
It’s time to analyze room acoustics and make simple corrections if possible. I need some recommendations on a USB mic and Mac OS software. Something of reasonable quality and reasonable cost. I don’t think I want or need a tripod setup. My listening room is my living room and I have one chair in one spot for critical listening. My software choices are probably quite limited as I only use Apple products. So far. REW - Room EQ Wizard - seems like it might work, although I’m not sure with the current Big Sur OS of 11.5.1

If your MAC has a 1/8in jack (headphone and mic style), a TRRS cable and the Dayton Audio iMM-6 calibrated mic will work with REW.  You just download the calibration data from Dayton Audio's website.

I use an iMM-6 with the MS-6 Music Server for REW with the internal soundcard.

If it has to be a USB measurement mic, Dayton Audio also sells one as well.  You can get either mic from Parts-Express.

Nick B:
Thanks, Rich. I do have the 1/8” jack on a Mac laptop, but a lightning connector on my iPad. They are also 2 different operating systems. That gives me a head start


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