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placing my Fritz Carreras

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Nick B:
I’ve really never given speaker placement much consideration. Have been in my current house for nearly 18 years and for 15-16 of those years, I had a very large and very heavy cabinet that housed my equipment including my turntable and my 400+ CDs. Finally was able to consign the cabinet and have the flexibility to now move things around a bit.

As my Fritzies weren’t fussy as to placement per Fritz Heiler, I just had them out 14-16” from the wall. I recently experimented a bit and now have them out an additional foot or so and what an interesting and nice improvement. There’s more soundstage depth, but there’s also more focus, less “congestion” as the reviewers might say. Individual voices in a chorus are more distinguishable, the treble is a bit cleaner and the midrange is a bit richer. I don’t care that much about bass and am still troubled occasionally with a bit of boominess. I’ll tackle that problem soon…

My living room is asymmetrical and the left speaker now is 3’ from the side wall and maybe 2 1/2 - 3’ from the front wall (I can’t measure now as I’m vacationing). I should mention that I have a hinged, small 3 piece room divider that I placed in that corner so it’s not 90 degrees. The right speaker doesn’t really have a side boundary wall as the space goes through the living room and into the guest bedroom opening. So it’s just fascinating to me how a relatively small change in placement can make such a nice improvement  :thumb:  Much more experimentation will follow when I get home.

That sounds about right Nick.  Mine are 42" from the wall behind them measured from the front baffle. 

Nick B:
Jack, for ease of measuring, my points of measurement are the rear inside
edges of the Fritzies (facing the equipment rack) and rear outside edges.
There is very little toe in right now … the difference being about 1 1/2 inches from the wall.

We're probably within a few inches of each other then.  With the room they are in in Greenville I can come out further just haven't seen a reason to.  Never been a fan of much toe-in.  Usually start out straight ahead and then if need be try a little at a time. As that room is narrower than I have been used to they are only 7' apart center to center so close to straight ahead works well.  Need to swap them back in when I get back Monday. Last time I was there I swapped the Reynaud's and Harbeth's back and forth the whole time.

Nick B:
I think I’m about 7’ apart on center and sit back about 11’…. a very nice isosceles triangle


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