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what is the best sounding Class D amp you've ever heard

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Considering a move to Class D as my back can't lift to heavy an amp anymore. I'm afraid that they still can not compete with a good Class AB. Your thoughts?

Nick B:
I’m certainly sympathetic to your situation :( The upgraded Mivera clone I have is pretty good and they go used for $650 - over $800. But, for me it’s lacking midrange warmth so I’m moving on. The DAC amps and Leo’s Orchard Audio Starkrimson  monos have received favorable comments. Charles raves about the Arion HS Monos, which are Class D and utilize a 6H30. It’s one of 3 amps I’m considering. The retail for those  is over $6k and that’s why I’m looking for a used pair....

TPA3116 is pretty nice but isn't dynamic on all speakers.

The Orchard Audio original BOSC amps. 

The new Starkrimson version has the high input impedance where the originals are low input impedance.  I drive them with a balanced connection so the low works well for my setup.

I echo the Orchard Audio recommendations.    I also was able to listen to the Arion HS monos - albeit maybe 5-6 years ago - and they were amazing and definitely lived up to Charles' raves.   Check

Charles, I now see the Mike K (Arion) has a line of speakers.   May have to take a listen at some point.


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