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2020 Taipei Audio & Art Fair

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It's happening again, and I'm in Taiwan again! :thumb:

We arrived on the 27th. We are in day three of our enforced 14-day quarantine, and neither of us is displaying any symptoms.

The audio & art fair that I went to last year is being held again this year. I'm going to attend this year so long as I remain symptom free. It begins on December 17th and ends on the 20th. I'll probably go on the 18th.

I'll try to take more photos of interesting things than I did last year, and provide commentary.


S Clark:
Congrats on landing in Taiwan.  For those that believe that nothing can be done about controlling Covid 19, Taiwan just passed 200 days without a local transmission. 

Glad you had a safe trip. M<ichael.  I look forwardm to your reporting on that show.  They always have some very interesting gear.

Be well and give my best to Melody...   :thumb:

Well at least somebody will get  to go to an audio show this year.   :roll:

I look forward to hearing about it.

I can only hope that our leaders here in the US will take a look at what was done to control the virus in Taiwan and learn something from them.

Only nine more days of quarantine!  :bbq :beer: No beer in the house, though there is some cheap red wine of which I have not partaken. My grill is 5000 miles to the east, and we've got just a  small toaster oven with iffy temperature control, so no grilling.  :(

I've been invited to room 234 during the show. It's the Taipei version of Madisound. The guys like me. The boss likes me because I introduced him to SB Acoustics a few years ago. He became Taiwan's sole distributor for SBA products. Good for him; a missed opportunity for me. Perhaps, I'll get a discount when I pick up some drivers for a DIY project later this month.

Even though there is no community spread of Covid here, there are people who have it (in quarantine). Most of the carriers are Indonesians who came here for contract work. So many of them were infected that the government here has put a stop to incoming Indonesian workers until the sponsoring Indonesian agencies get their shit together.

I've been listening to a helluva lot of music since we arrived. I finally began watching Netflix to kill time. I'm actually beginning to get into decent shape from all the floor exercises I've been doing since I cannot go outside for walks. I'm sleeping better, too.

You all take care of yourselves, okay? There will be vaccines really soon.


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