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Purchase soley for sentimental reasons?

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The NAD 3140. My first "high end" piece. :lol:
Purchased at Audio Exchange in the Roosevelt Field Mall with money saved from my after school job  at Fayva Shoes :rofl:
400 bucks i think it was
It was the time Stereophile was gushing over the giant killer 3020

Thinking of getting one solely for sentimental reasons.

Can anyone relate?

James Edward:
Absolutely. I believe I had the same model. Also purchased from Audio Exchange in Roosevelt Field. That was my go to store in the seventies and eighties. I dealt with a salesman named Mike Cinquemani. Bought my several ADS speaker pairs from there too.
Bought my Hafler amp and preamp there also. That store got a decent chunk of change from me back in the day.
I also saw and heard the DQ-10 there.
Great throwback Emil, thanks.

I has a 2155 integrated amp. I recapped it and used it to power my outdoor speakers for years. Then we pulled everything apart to do some renovations and my daughter tried to set it up before I could get to it. She crossed the speaker wires and POP! End of an era.

  My Son is using it now with Advents. Talk about the good ole days. Buy it. Emil


I very much avoid doing that... There was a time where it seemed like an ok idea, now I just hate the clutter it creates.

Perhaps if I had a house that could double as a museum I would.


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