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Dirt cheap WiiM Pro Plus streamer

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Normally $219 from Amazon. Got it for $186 in a flash sale.

It's got an AKM internal DAC that can do 24/192, Spotify, Qobuz, Tidal, and all the streaming services.  Very nice app that got it up and running right away.

Power is through USB C with a small phone-like power brick. There's even a remote.

Using the internal dac I hear nothing offensive. Midrange is non-offensive. Cons are the bass is light, I hear some splashiness in high frequencies, and images are not as solid as I am used to. Sound is a bit unfocused and laid back.

Using the WiiM's digital output and my decade old Parasound dac via optical output using the supplied stock optical cable, I hear much better sound than what I heard streaming via USB from my PC.

Let's see how far I can take this with better cables, power supply, and a bit more burn in. But as it is, this thing is amazing for the price!


Nick B:
Looks like a great bargain, Paul, and at least from the well lit top view, it’s quite nice to look at. Keep us posted


I think it is, Nick. It boggles my mind how little it costs.  I think your Zen probably sounds better, but at this price point there is really nothing else. I've had it constantly on the past 4 days and connectivity and streaming through wifi has not faltered or disconnected once. Very reliable so far.

I'll probably end up with a power supply double its price and another then on to another round of DAC shopping.  :lol:

S Clark:
So to display my total ignorance of streaming, how does this work?  It picks up a bluetooth signal from your router, then connects to your dac, then goes into your preamp/amp?   You control it with "Alexa, play Leonard Bernstein's Copland Appalacian Spring"? 

It has Wi-fi built in (which is how I use it) or it can do a wired LAN connection.

It does have Bluetooth, but I haven't checked that out yet.  It can work with Alexa, Google Home, and Siri. There's a mic at the back, but you can pair it with Alexa and ask it to play from Amazon or other services, I think. 

It has a built in dac, but has both a toslink and coaxial out.

There's even a digital line in and analog in.


wired or w-ifi network > internal dac > analog out to stereo; or

wired or wi-fi network > digital out > analog out to stereo; or

Bluetooth > paired bluetooth speakers or headphones

They say it is Roon ready. It can do DLNA. I do not have any DLNA software or any NAS storage on the network, but I downloaded the Wiim desktop app. This app does not have the streaming services on it, but it can access and play the local audio files on my computer on the same network.

It's even got an EQ with various presets and a parametric EQ that I haven't messed with.

The reviewer who said it is like a Swiss Army Knife was right. Tons of features I probably won't use. I just got it since it was so cheap and I received a free Qobuz family subscription.



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