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Who's hosting the next Rave

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Holidays are over and it's time for you guys to get off your fat asses. Like the title says who is going to host the next Rave. Time to get it rolling again

That's a good question
I would host but currently have no system(soon to be remedied)
I have found that hosting raves used to be a lot of work and expense, with 30 to 50 people showing up at your house.
But these days it is usually less than 8 so it should be a lot less stress
I am sure the first rave started with less than 8 then grew to 50plus in a few years
Do we have the same demographic to repeat the past? probably not, lots have changed
I will host when I have a little something, a small gathering in my place in NJ
If you fly to NC I can host something bigger
I volunteer charlie to do a summer rave outside as that was fun, maybe July, meatballs and limoncello!

Hal can do March
Deepak can do june
Triode always does something so he gets his pick of the month
then its evan turn again
then somebody else must step up

OK everybody have their month?

Lets get it done

I want to thank everyone for attending the Rave last night. We had one guest. Oh, wait this is the wrong website. i got confused with the Tupperware Party forum

Barry (NJ):
I'd be up for a "small" gathering 4~5 visitors, more than that and the dogs may get uncomfortable...

Sun bathing... by Barry, on Flickr

Room doesn't really seat more then 3~4 people. Rack is on wheels, so swapping gear isn't too difficult, if people are interested.
Lately I've found my room/system to be very dependent on the recording, sometimes the sound lacks dimension, but with the right recording the sound is beyond the walls...

PXL_20220308_192440317 by Barry, on Flickr

Set a date


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