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Old Fashioned NY Audio Rave Staten Island October 22, 1pm till I kick u out

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Ok guys NY Ravers and Syndrome members. We are going to have an old-fashioned Rave. We have not done this in years. Mike (Top Round) and Levi will be there. I'm trying to get Mr. Blue Towel to make an appearance. We will have 2 systems going. 1 in the Livingroom and 1 down in the den. I stream Tidal to BS Node to MHDT Dac so if you want to bring CD's someone bring a player. Other gear we have Audio Physic speakers, Zu Omens, Triangle Bro3. Rogue sphinx 3 and Willsenton R8 tube Int. I am on the Orchard Audio Starkrimson tour, so I hope to have it by then. Den system stays as is. Living room system, we can swap some Schiit out. Oh, I made a funny. I will throw you guys some food. Deepak, BARRY, Rollo, Emil, Pete, Tmazz and whoever else we expect to see guys. I think the last Rave we had like 100 people. So, no go this time. Like to keep at max 15 or so. PM me and I will send you the address again.
Hope to see you guys

 Whoever needs my address and number PM me

Please park on the main rd. Amboy Rd. Due not park on my street it is a private block for the homeowners

See you on the 22nd.  I do not listen to cd's any more but I can bring a either a California Audio Lab DX-1 or Pioneer Elit dv59avi sacd/cd player if other folks want to bring their CD's.

  Hope to make it. Put the word out


Lonewolf is trying to make it also. Its tough with all that stardom


--- Quote from: ejk on September 30, 2022, 08:46:48 AM ---Lonewolf is trying to make it also. Its tough with all that stardom

--- End quote ---

It would be good to see him after such a long time. 


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