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Is there any members from audio syndrome going , that would like to share expenses , thanks Charlie G.

Triode Pete:
I'll be there but will be exhibiting...  :thumb:

  Hey Charlie. Tom and I wee going to go however changed our minds sorry. Hotel rooms sold out. We do not want to travel there for safety reasons for us. Pete always has a great room.


I was just on the website for the Twinbrook Hilton, the hotel that is the site for this year’s Capital Audiofest and they show rooms available for that weekend in four different categories.

I heard that the AXPONA venue was sold out, but there are still rooms to be had for CAF.

If the Hilton is sold out you have the Even Hotel across the street which is pretty nice.  That's where I stayed the previous two CAF that I attended.  I am hoping to attend this year.


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