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Guy 13:
Hi all.
Maybe some of you know already that Schiit came with a new improved Asgard 3 ?
In addition to the new Bifrost.

Guy 13

Hi Guy,

This is news to me.

I have the Asgard 2. Good sound for very little money. I paired it with an HD 650. The only problem was the heat!

The whole casing is the heat sink. In summer, I cannot touch the case. Even the volume is too hot. Their site says 40-45 degrees C.

The Asgard 3 is not class A like the old ones, so they say it runs cooler.


I don't have an Asgard. However, I do own a Lyr 3. It runs HOT - just like Malloy said of the Asgard. I took it to Taiwan for the winter to help heat my home office  :shock:, but last winter was so mild that it wasn't needed <as a heater>.

I've found my Lyr 3 to be a bit temperamental in that I must use an under 1 meter long USB cord, and cannot use my fancy 'audiophile USB cord. I use a cheapo $7 USB cord. Sometimes, my Mac Mini doesn't recognize the Lyr.

Malloy, have you experienced any issues with your Asgard's connectivity?


Hi Michael,

My Asgard is the old version - headphone amp and preamp only, no dac module.

Strange that your Lyr can't drive longer length cables. Is it a matter of noise? Have you tried a reclocker such as iFi, Wyred 4 Sound, etc.?


Guy 13:
Hi all.
When in Canada next year I will buy the new Asgard with DAC module
to replace the Fulla 2 and the SYS.
I might also buy the Modi for the TV I will buy with digitl sound output,
my wife want to keep our old Pionner receiver.

Guy 13


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