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Bottlehead vs Schiit Magni 3 ?

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Guy 13:
Hi all.
I have a Bottlehead Crack (With 6SN7 RCA + 12AU7 RCA clear top) and many other brands and models (Bendix 6080-Thomas 12AU7...) Just to name a few. I use the Bottlehead exclusively with my Sennheiser HD650 (300 Ohms) I've also purchased recently a Schiit Magni 3 that I use with the HD-650 and another Sennheiser HD-570 (60 Ohms) that I bought 15 years ago.
Of course the HD-650 sound better, much better ? Yes, but for me, not really that much better, only better.
Of course the HD-570 with 60 Ohms doesn't sound good (Shy bass) with the Bottlehead that was designed  for hi-impedance headphones.
The magni 3 works well with both headphones.
I do prefer the sound of the Crack Bottlehead because it's smoother, and the sound is bigger.
Sorry about my limited audio vocabulary.
When back in Canada I will sell the Bottlehead with the HD-650
and keep the Magni 3 with the HD-570.
With the money from the sales of the Bottlehead combo,
I will buy a pair of Sennheiser HD-598 (? ? ? not sure of the model)
but they are closed back, usefull when I want to listen to music especialy when my wife sing the Karaoke
(Here in Vietnam with our house built with reinforced 12'' concrete (No kidding) my listning room
and office are sound proof.
But it won't be the case in Canada...

Guy 13

Hey Guy,

It looks like you are downsizing big time.

We have similar headphone gear. I have a Crack with a 650 as well. Never heard the Magni, but I have an Asgard 2.  I started down the rabbit hole of upgrading the Crack with different tubes, Speedball, volume pot, etc. but I could never listen for more than an hour or so - too used to speakers, you see. When I tallied all the cash I dumped into building the kit plus tools and various cheapo amps, I realized I could have built up my 2 channel rig again!

I've always wanted to try the Thomas 6080. This is the French military tube, correct?


Guy 13:
Hi Paul.
I would have liked to write up a list of all the tubes I have for my Bottlehead Crack,
but everything is packed up and ready to go around the globe to it's final destination,
which is my home country Canada.
I've been in Vietnam for the past 25 years.
Maybe you knew that already if you were on Audio Circle.
If I remember right, I have three or four RCA 6SN7, one Bendix 6080
and onther brand of 6080.
I have also about five 12AU7 of different brands, like 12AU7 a tube from a Thomas Organ,
a RCA 12AU6 clear top
and other various brand.
An accantance of mine from Audio Circle did the assembly,
the electro plating of the top plate and the staining of the wood base,
look really good compare to the unfinish unit from Bottlehead.
There are some up grades like volume control, capacitors, but not the speed ball.
If I want to sell it, it's not because I don't like the sound,
it's because I have way too much audio stuff.
I will be moving from a one bedroom appartment so my three huge Open Baffle speakers
will have to go, unfortunatey.
I understand what you are saying that by the time you u grade everything,
you could affort to buy a nice system.
I am the same as you,
I am more of a speaker guy.
I don't like to be attached with a cord like a dog.
Speakers also have a 3D sound, no body will make me beleive that headphones have 3D sound
and I've tried at least half dozen different makes of headphones.
40 years ago, I had a pair a Stax headphones, thos didn't have 3D sound, but a real hi definition sound, I love those and like many, I regret selling those.
Well, that's it for now.
I hope Audio Nevrosa will give us one day the possibility of posting pictures of more than only 600 Kb files.
Take care.

Guy 13
on planet Vietnam.
Today 33.3C or 92F.

Guy 13:
here are a few pictures of my Bottlehead Crack with my Sennheiser HD-650.

Guy 13:
Bottlehead Crack.


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