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A guy who bought a solid state preamp off of me on Audiogon is now having volume issues with the preamp. It worked when I sent the preamp out but now volume on one channel is really low after it was hooked up in the new owner's system. I'm not taking a return on the preamp but will try to help the guy with the problem.

Does anyone have a good tech in the Roxboro NC area they can recommend? I have the schematic of the preamp so the preamp may be repairable.

Thanks and sorry if this is in the wrong place.

Afaik, there are no audio techs near Roxboro.

He can come to my G2G in Apex on Saturday where the best tech in the universe (Sol) will just happen to be that day. ;) Or he can drop it off to me in Apex before Saturday. We'll fix it for free.

Erstwhile, another good retail tech is Alex Lok.
in Four Oaks, NC

There may be other techs in the Triangle area, I'm not familiar.

What make and model preamp is it?

Oh man, if you can get Sol to look at it and get this guy off your back, do it.

Sorry it took so long to close the loop on this. Busy with all sorts of stuff. The preamp was a Vincent SA 91 mk1 aka Kavent S33. It is one of those quality preamps from China that goes under different names. This is speculation on my part but I'm thinking the buyer just felt he overpaid and came up with the BS of the preamp not working. When I offered the tech Rich found or for him to attend the meet up so he could possibly talk to Sol he said he was ok.

Oh well. I'm done with selling my electronics for now. I can't deal with the BS people on Audiogon and ebay come up with. Thanks gents for the help and being good voices of reason.

Glad he backed down.

Meeting fear and greed with love and generosity always wins!


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