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Headphone Meet / Get Together - Sat. and/or Sun. March 21st & 22nd - Cary, NC

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Posting this over here as well for anyone that checks here and is interested.  This is cross-posted at here:

Sol, our resident circuit genius is the host for this get together.  It will be held in the clubhouse of his housing development.  The clubhouse is more wide open and geared more towards holding more folks than at anyone else's house would be.  They've already got tables and chairs to allow setups like the one jtwrace setup at my house last time! :) Should be relatively easy clean-up after the fact as well.  Well worth the minimal rental fee to use the space.

Sol is looking forward to it so that he can showcase his discrete headphone amplifier he's designed.  He should have it in a case and ready for some sharing and feedback.  Carl and I got a sneak peek preview of it right before New Years... it's really good for what it would likely cost to build it out for someone.

Sol is very conveniently located in Cary, NC close to the Crossroads area in Cary.  Very easy to get there.  Please ask for address and directions via PM, email or calling directly.

In addition to stuff already here and shown at the last get together, new stuff that has arrived or *should* arrive by the time of the meet:

1) Audeze EL-8 open and closed back headphones - should ship in another week or so if all goes according to plan.

2) Enigma Acoustics Dharma hybrid 2 way headphones using their own proprietary self biased electrostatic supertweeter technology.  Also expecting their Athena tube headphone amplifier as well.  We were interested in the company for their loudspeakers first (and have a pair of Mythology M1 speakers shipping to us on Monday... so we'll need to have a speaker listening party at my place soon as well!  I'm also trying out Axis Voicebox monitors that our Unison Research distributor is now repping.  With a gloss black cabinet finish, we like how it matches well with our REL subwoofers for a complete system solution ;)...  more on that in another post!)... Anyways, even though we were interested in them for their speakers, their announcements at CES about a reference headphone and headphone amplifier were just icing on the cake and made the decision to sign on as a dealer a complete no brainer.

3) Alpha Design Labs (ADL) - a subsidiary of Furutech, my favorite audiophile connector company, they have some awesome electronics and a couple *really* good headphones (H118 & H128) that are very modestly priced!  Very excited to have added them...

4) I'm hoping against hope the Unison Research order arrives in time so I can have my production stock of the Unison Research SH DAC/all tube headphone amplifier that was such a hit at the last showing (when the distributor was awesome enough to ship us the prototype so we had something to show).... I've really, really, really missed it since I had to return the prototype unit back to the distributor so they could use it at CES in Las Vegas....

5) I know have stock of the Bakoon Products International HPA-01M portable all discrete current based headphone amplifier.  They managed to shrink the circuit down into a very compact unit while still keeping all the amazing sound of the bigger HPA-01 and HPA-21 desktop units. 

6) SPL Phonitor headphone amplifiers.... these didn't make it in time for the last meet at my place... While technically geared towards studio use, these amazing units are built like a tank and have some features you don't typically find on consumer gear...

If anyone is interested in attending, please reply here, as well as send a PM on here (at least after they have converted over to the new owners of the site!! hahaha) or email me directly at sales at You can also give me a call directly if you wish to discuss.. Our number is 9 1 9 six three two 2 5 6 9.  Thanks!

Put me down as tentative. I've begun exploring a portable headphone setup, so this piques my interest. Plus, I just said this morning I need to get to Raleigh as I just turned up a PM Richidoo sent me with 3 record stores listed.

And last, having met Sol once I'm intrigued to see what that rascal has been up to.

Awesome!  It would be great to have you!


--- Quote from: hometheaterdoc on February 15, 2015, 02:54:10 PM ---3) Alpha Design Labs (ADL) - a subsidiary of Furutech, my favorite audiophile connector company, they have some awesome electronics and a couple *really* good headphones (H118 & H128) that are very modestly priced!  Very excited to have added them...

--- End quote ---

I have to agree with the "*really*" emphasis.  Be sure to hookup the X1 amp with them... Very nice setup. :)

Hopefully I can make it... just depends on a few other plans that are up in the air at the moment.


--- Quote from: etcarroll on February 16, 2015, 04:42:32 PM ---Put me down as tentative.
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Edit: I'll be there too


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