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I' m getting very close...

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to my new mains.  I'm excited!

I'm in talks with my good friend, cohort and confidant Danny Richie on helping to develop his new NX-Series open baffle loudspeaker.

It is essentially a self-contained NX-Otica, but with 3 - 8" servo controlled subwoofers and an MTM using his incredible M165NQ16 bass/mids combined with the GR Neo3 tweeters.

About 2 months out 😕, but that's how it goes!

Hope you have or he has the servo amps.  Last time I checked with Brian the A370XLR3's are gone.  They had A370XLR2's and some A370PEQ's available.

They have not had the HX series for awhile except their builds.

Hopefully some of them survived the water damage in the room.  New floor and molding is going in now. 

Nick B:
Congrats, Dave! How tall with this one be?

That's exciting. New speakers is a big thing. I don't know why some people cycle really cheap ones a lot instead of going for good.


--- Quote from: Nick B on August 07, 2023, 11:04:52 AM ---Congrats, Dave! How tall with this one be?

--- End quote ---
About 48", which is just fine with me!


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