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Nick B:
Things are sounding quite good in so. Nevada 🎶 .... but.... 🙄
A non active member here recently suggested I add subwoofers and sent me a number of links on subs and crossovers. Interesting reading indeed. Even though very low bass response is not a priority for me and never has been, he feels that relieving the JMR 6" driver will result in an improved midrange and treble, enough to warrant the expense and annoyance (for me) of dealing with the extra power cords and cables. My JM Reynaud is a 2 way and uses the AMT tweeter. It's a terrific speaker, the best I've ever owned.

In addition to the provided links of the Starke subs, Rythmik, SVS and Tekton were also recommended.
If I were to go that direction, and because it would be my first entry into the world of subwoofers, my criteria would be this:

1) reasonable cost without degrading the current level of SQ
2) the less weight, the better...preferably in the 40-50 lb range
3) a smaller footprint ... 13" x 13" and open as to height
4) not needing an external crossover device like a Marchant
5) powered
6) preferably a servo controlled unit
7) 2 smaller woofers...8" or 10"...would be fine with me
8)kit form is fine and I'd either attempt it myself or take it to Las Vegas or I have a neighbor who might do me a favor and do the soldering
9) wireless capability would be great

I've heard that open baffle servo controlled subs sound the best and allow for the most flexible placement. So I did check out Rythmik's double 8"s and Danny Ritchie's kits, but that puts me at $1,000+ each for the Rythmik and a lot more for the GR Research.

I've attached an icloud link to my living room.

Comments appreciated!

The 8in servo sub idea is something that I hope that GR-Research will make cabinet kits available. 

I want to try a 3x8 or 4x8 stack (hopefully modular) with my MG10/QR project.  Already have the RA A370XLR3 servo amps to use.

Nick B:

It would be great if GR offered it at some point. Dual 8s are intriguing and I'd opt for one facing forward and the other one to the rear. That type of kit I could likely do myself and get a very nice finish on it. I don't know if something other than mdf would be available or if that is preferred because of cost and other factors. I don't like using it.


Not wireless but I think it meets your other criteria.  :thumb:

Nick B:

--- Quote from: GDHAL on July 10, 2023, 09:47:00 AM ---Not wireless but I think it meets your other criteria.  :thumb:

--- End quote ---


That looks like a really nice sub and good value. Nice design to also include the down firing sub. Do you have any idea if there is such a thing as a third party wireless device that could be used on these or any other subs that aren't designed wireless capable?



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