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One of my pet peeves about going to the shows has been suffering through the music they play.
Of course everyone is trying to show off their systems merits by playing (music) that best does the job.
Often times the music, if can be called that is nothing more than special effects.

What songs do you think they should play?

I think Keith don't go should be banned
No more Nora Jones or Diana Krall.
No more jazz at the pawnshop
no more tin pan alley
patricia Barbera enough already

If you ran a room what would you play?

serious question

 I think Keith don't go should be banned
No more Nora Jones or Diana Krall.
No more jazz at the pawnshop
no more tin pan alley
patricia Barbera enough already

 First off you would have to be double-vaxxed and boosted to enter my room :lol:
Seriously, I would play those exact same songs.
Why? Because these are songs everyone is familiar with. Your potential customers need a reference.
It's all about selling. Not throwing a party.

S Clark:
Emil makes a pretty good point.   


Many years ago (mid 80s) there was a high-end audio dealer in Manhattan (Leonard Radio). Like most dealers of today, the setup of the gear was crap, despite the gear being excellent.

The owner, wouldn't even have talked to me (I was essentially 23 years old or so at the time) until he realized the person accompanying me was Eddie Layton, musician, and organist for the NY Yankees. Eddie was more than twice my age, but we were very good friends, sharing chess, music, and boating hobbies.

The owner of Leonard Radio used a demo disk which he told me (paraphrasing) is all anyone needs to evaluate any system. He played it. I'll never forget it. I bought the CD days later and still have it to this day, 35? years later.

Sporting Life - studio album by Weather Report

Sure, I can add more material. Realistically, people who are serious about evaluating a system at a show should bring their own music, either on CD, USB, or vinyl and the exhibitor should be able to accommodate.

Streaming via an internet service just doesn't cut it, IMO. That's good for background music, not critical listening. (EDIT: I only mention internet streaming because this is what I've found is the primary source of exhibitor's material, not to belittle it)

Just my .02.



EDIT 2: Leonard Radio was the audio shop I purchased my first "real" audio gear (real in the sense of what I considered "good enough" and affordable for me at the time). I bought a Carver MXR-130 receiver and ADS L880 speakers. That gear brought me tremendous joy for over 30 years. Those were the days.  8)  True story...when I purchased my current amp (Musical Fidelity M6si) at Audio Breakthroughs (and we all know and love Bruce, AB is one of the few brick-and-mortar places left) in 2015, I did sort of the opposite of what most people do when auditioning gear. I was in the market for an amp. Of course, when listening to gear at a dealer showroom this is not necessarily indicative of how it will sound in *your* own space. So what I did was I brought my Carver MXR-130 to them! Bruce, Stu (sales rep), and I listened to it in and compared it to the MF M6si, a McIntosh integrated, and a Krell integrated (I forget the precise model of those). Bruce and Stu were amazed (well, not literally but figuratively for sure) at how well the 30-year-old Carver sounded in comparison to their current amps. Sure, their current stuff "best" it, but the Carver really held its own. A most impressive receiver. At times, I miss it. :(


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