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The Monolith open baffle planar array

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Now that GR-Research and the Parts-Express folks have the new Neo3 and Neo10 planar drivers again, back to The Monolith speaker design.

The baffle has the 45 degree wing, but needs felt to work correctly, so making the angle lower as Danny has suggested is the better way to go.  The future is going to work toward the 10 degree version with the GR-Neo3 and PE Neo10 planars.

The 3x8" OB H-Frames are built and next will be installing the drivers and connection to the Rythmik HX300 amps. 

The dspMusikLCD will be the digital crossover and entire interface for the system to DC coupled amps the HX300 servo amps with balanced connections. 

Picture is with the OB planars on two of the modular 2x12's for The Megaliths.  Both OB servo sub arrays work well with the planars as it is easy to change levels to each amp with the dspMusikLCD.

Looks cool Rich!

Is it one tweeter and one mid per side as pictured? Are these OB like the bass?

S Clark:
Honestly, I've always wondered why Danny hasn't done this in a kit??? It seems like such a no-brainer. 

Yes, one BG Neo3-PDR and Neo10 per side in a winged open baffle with 3x8" servo subs in an OB H-Frame.  Three way digital crossover.   

My understanding is it was to be a Serenity Acoustics design.  When the BG to Christie sale occurred, no one could get drivers. We all gave up when that happened.  I built prototypes with Danny, Ruben and Ben's help of a two piece design, but had to put it away thinking it would not happen again until Danny and PE got new BG drivers. 

Now if someone wants to build baffles, I have a dspMusikLCD crossover for them.  If folks ask Danny now, he might do a kit with one of his passive crossovers that always sound great.   He now has the GR Neo3's available. 

This was my prototype to try the BG drivers in an open baffle and that led to The Megaliths after hearing Danny's Line Force speakers with you.  I think the OB H-Frame will be better than the U-Frame I was using before.

The new GR Neo3 and PE BG Neo10 planars have arrived. 

Should have them installed later this week and make measurements for the updated dspMusikLCD crossover.


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