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If you have some gear or equipment you'd like to send on a tour for demo's, this area of AN is the place to start.
Start by creating a topic discussing what you'd like to send on tour, how long each person has to audition, and any other requirements (like shipping, insurance, etc.)
Be sure to put an END DATE on the tour.*
Put together a tour list and make sure people update where it is and when it ships in your tour's thread.
Good luck and feel free to add any suggestions; this topic is just a suggestion to get started, we can add to it as needed.

* - If you notice a thread is locked, it's because its useful life has expired.  The GB or tour is no longer happening.

One person should be the tour guide and run it in an orderly professional manner. If the piece is damaged or lost on your leg of the tour, please work with the tour guide to find resolution. All tour guides and tour destinations must be Audionervosa members.

People send their gear on tour to share the fun and generate discussion about their cool gear. Manufacturers and dealers run a tour to share the the fun as well as to stir up sales and promote their brand. Let's honor the generosity of the tour guides by posting our honest opinion and experience in the tour's thread. From Audionervosa's perspective, a tour is the ultimate discussion event! Don't hold back.

Excellent advice Rich.  Thanks.

One more thing to consider if you choose to participate in a tour, be prepared to pay to ship and insure the gear to the next person.  If you're sharing with a group, maybe they could all pitch in, making the cost fairly low.

Yeah, could be costly...I did the Modwright amp tour and it cost me $92. to ship with ins. to the next guy.
It can be costly with expensive gear.


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