Author Topic: What is a used VPI Scout with these extras worth?  (Read 3942 times)

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What is a used VPI Scout with these extras worth?
« on: November 27, 2020, 07:03:52 AM »
Hey, trying to figure out a good price to list this stuff for that is fair and will make it sell quickly, but not completely give it away. 

So here’s what I think I have:

VPI Scout turntable.  It looks like it has the standard motor.  It doesn’t have the fancy speed box device I’ve seen.  Just a normal unit.

It also has the JWM tone arm on it.  Seem like a stock unit based on a couple USA audio mart ads I searched.

The cartridge currently installed on the tone arm is an Ortofon blue color unit.  Not sure of the exact model.  See if the pictures I will try to add will help identify.  Doing some searching they don’t seem to differentiate models other than what works with whatever style.  Price seems around 200 used.  There was supposed to be a much more expensive cartridge installed and this ortofon was supposed to be included as an extra....  the good cartridge is not to be found.......

It also came with a Project phono box II USB phono preamp that I guess could be listed separately or tossed in with the deal if it is worth anything to the buyer... Or is it not even worth using with the Scout?  I’ve seen many a piece of equipment punch way above its price class...  so I don’t always pay attention to price...  but any thoughts if this would enhance the price and make it sell quicker or would it be better to sell it separate as it won’t increase the price of the scout to include it, nor will it make it sell faster?

I just went back and looked at what I gave my customer in trade value for this stuff...  that hurt....  and it will hurt a lot more when I sell it to see how much I’m going to lose.,  this also wasn’t exactly what he claimed it was going to be when we did the deal.  He said he thought it was a scout II not a regular scout and was supposed to have a second $500 cartridge on it that turned out not to be in the box.. I had arranged to inspect the trade first before settling the deal and shipping his product.  So I would have had a chance normally to adjust the trade value based on what I received versus what was claimed. But I never even got the chance to open the box when he shipped this in to me.  I ended up having surgery the same week this arrived and a friend shipped his product to him without me inspecting the trade in as part of the deal to help me out so the customer didn’t have to wait while I recovered.  In fact, the first time I opened the box to inspect this was this week...  sigh.....

So thoughts on what I should put on it to make it sell quickly? 

Edited to add:   all right... lets see if photos will attach this time....  annnnnnnd no they wont..   the error messages are wrong...  I made the photos way below the 600KB file size and still no go....  sigh...  lets see what else I can try...

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