Author Topic: Surgex SA-20 internals, & upgraded receptacle to Dave's P&S Uber Puerto  (Read 4473 times)

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Upgraded my surge protector for my computers/TV's/office equipment:

Dual inductor surge reactor

Additional series mode circuitry and EMI/RFI filter board.

Uber Puerto sitting on the table waiting to be installed.

Original (yellow) outlet.  Completed upgrading outlet to Uber Puerto (black outlet).

Thanks again Dave, you are a transformative force in the high end audio world.
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"Thanks again Dave, you are a transformative force in the high end audio world".
That's just it. Dave's not from this world thus he's able to think in ways we can't
imagine. There are a few others around here like Dave but they won't admit it.

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   Nice photos. So any difference in sound of system.

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