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I don't own 40 LPs, so my list would be my entire LP collection. The only reason I still have these is that I haven't found them on CD or Amazon Music Unlimited. So in no particular order, here are my "most valuable LPs:

Transblucency - Maria Muldaur
Gospel Nights - Maria Muldaur
Color Pool - David Friesen
Storyteller- David Friesen
Bassists in Concert - David Friesen & Glen Moore
Martin Mull's first album
Musik der Spielleute - Studio der Fruhen Musik
Morning Again - Tom Paxton

The above are the reasons why I still have my Rega Planar 2 turntable.

I took the album covers from the Maria Muldaur records to one of her shows to be autographed. She was amazed that I had Transblusency, remarking that it had been out of print for about 40 years.

Hadn’t thought of her name in ages. For those interested
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Re: 40 of the most valuable vinyl records you may have in your collection.......
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i got heavily into Maria Muldaur a few years ago when she played at a theatre where I volunteered until the virus hit. She had quite a bit of energy for someone in her 70s. I bought a bunch of her CDs. There are no bad ones. I tend to prefer the jazzier ones, but that's a matter of taste and not a comment on the quality of the music or the production.
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